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Artists’ rights, and don’t pay to play!


Recently, I came across yet another “opportunity” for artists to pay fees to show, and thought I’d spread the word about how unfair this practice is. I’m quoting here from one of my favorite bloggers, paintingdemos:

“A reputable commercial gallery won’t make you pay to exhibit your art, they will make their money from their commission, so they work with the artist as a team to get sales. If you pay thousands of dollars to show in a gallery, they don’t have so much incentive to sell your art, you are the target market they go after, not the gallery visitors.”

And an important piece of legislation for artists is making its way through Congress. Now’s the time for you to weigh in on increasing copyright protections for artists and creatives. The Case Act, HR3945, will establish a small-claims type process for infringement, meaning artists don’t have to pay huge fees to copyright attorneys to recover theft and misappropriation of their art. Read more here and contact your Representatives.