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Art Makes Life Beautiful

It’s hard to think of an American woman who deserves a public memorial more than Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and it’s exciting to look forward to her future monument in Brooklyn (her home town), as recently announced by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. A notorious art lover, RBG has said, “Art makes life beautiful.” We can’t agree enough.

Civic Goddesses

Daniel Chester French’s summer home and studio, Chesterwood, in Stockbridge, Mass. is a more inspiring place now than ever. Many of his studies and maquettes, long stored in the studio basement, are now displayed in a climate-controlled sub-gallery in the Barn visitors’ center. I saw much more than I can write about in one post, but I was struck first by these two maquettes symbolizing Manhattan and Brooklyn, studies for the monumental figures that were formerly on the Brooklyn Bridge. Manhattan, at left, definitely has attitude and wears a tiny city on her head. Brooklyn, on the other hand, is more relaxed, gazing into the distance, holding a book and seated amidst flowers. Read their saga here! #GoddessID