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Liminal structures

Take a look at Nedret Andre’s paintings, which occasionally become three-dimensional, now at the Hess Gallery at Pine Manor College:

Hess Gallery / Nedret Andre

Nedret’s ecological activism and artwork speak volumes about what dedicated individuals can do to heal the planet.

Full disclosure: I’m the Hess Gallery director.

Seeking Information on Missing Ella

The Suffragist

Ella Buchanan‘s iconic early feminist sculpture, “The Suffragist Trying to Arouse Her Sisters,” may or may not have been lost to time, but this request is just in from a reader. Does anyone know where the original might be?

“Ella was the first librarian at the Pittsburg (no h), Kansas, Public Library before leaving to attend the Art Instititute in Chicago. If anyone should happen to know what happened to the original sculpture, we would love to have that information in time for the 2020 anniversary of women getting the vote.”

More information about the library and its quest.


The Skin Has Eyes: Animated Visions

My favorite show of the year so far is now up at the BCA’s Mills Gallery. Curated by filmmaker Maya Erdelyi, the show features 13 artists who make entirely handmade animated films, using every imaginable media including cutouts, cut paper sculpture, pencil drawings on vellum, and inking directly on film. The show is exuberant, refreshingly handmade, and by turns tender, hilarious, horrifying, and stunning. Panel discussions still to come, check out the full list of activities and register here. The show is up until April 28th.

Top right: Ma Femme Maison installation and animation by Maya Erdelyi, At left: installation view of the main gallery.

Try Hard, view 2

Dall sheep’s eyes from Maxilla & Mandible!