Rosalyn Drexler

The multifaceted Rosalyn Drexler, whose astounding retrospective is now at The Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University, was originally a sculptor. Her first solo show, at New York’s Reuben Gallery, featured eighty-four sculptures made from scavenged materials, plaster, and poured lead. Seen here are: Samantha, Fat Lady, White Winged Victory, Pink Winged Victory, Untitled, Balzac, and Home Sweet Home, all made between 1958 and 1961. She is now best known for her Pop art painting, but she also wrote an array of popular fiction. Her work today seems timeless—Drexlerfresh and fearless—and from this vantage point her influence can clearly be seen in the work of younger male artists like Robert Longo. The retrospective takes up the entire museum, and is worth spending the day with.

Gerald S. and Sandra Fineberg + Lower Rose Galleries
February 12 – June 5, 2016


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