Kerry Jameson at Lacoste

DonkeyBritish ceramic sculptor Kerry Jameson gave a terrific artist talk at Concord’s Lacoste Gallery today. She explained how randomness–cracks in firing, glaze crawl, and other imperfections that drive potters crazy–has become an important feature of her studio process. Instead of rejecting pieces with firing imperfections, as ceramists are usually expected to do, Jameson dismembers pieces with a hammer and re-assembles them with a special mixture of kaolin and glue. She then uses acrylic paint, fabric, feathers, and found objects to cover the surface. Her pieces seem driven by intense internal narratives, appearing both pensive and peculiar. Most work combines animal heads and human forms; a few are wholly avian.

Jameson just completed a residency at Emmanuel College in Boston. The show at Lacoste is her first in the United States. It’s up until March 15th.

At top: Donkey, ceramic and mixed media

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