Eve Celebrant

Eve Celebrant, bronze

Mariana Pineda (1925-1996) created my favorite piece in the deCordova Museum’s sculpture park, “Eve Celebrant.” The lifesize bronze represents Eve before the Fall, striding confidently through her garden with a pomegranate, symbol of fertility, in one hand while the other is raised in greeting–or protection–or warning.

As Pineda said of her work: “My materials and subjects are time-honored, but I feel free to…use focus, abbreviation, merger of forms–whatever seems appropriate to convey the meaning.”*

On a misty, late fall day, it was possible to capture the softness of Eve’s moss green patina in the rainy light.

*Charlotte Streifer Rubinstein, American Women Sculptors, p.373



2 responses to “Eve Celebrant

  1. i purchased a sculpture by mariana back in 1962.
    i have been looked for another…..in vain.
    if you know of other owners or pieces for sale, please let me know.

    thank you.

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