Marilu Swett at Boston Sculptors

Marilu Swett at Boston SculptorsMarilu Swett’s new exhibit, “Soundings,” explores the ocean through both natural and man-made artifacts. The artifacts are found objects, or else the artist’s riffs on oddities and castoffs that wash up along the shoreline. The work conjures New England’s maritime past in poignant tangles of antique fabrics and 19th-century tools, combined with Swett’s own cast metal, plastic, and wood sculpture. Muses Swett, “…the ocean [is the] site of evolution, human industry, and constant watery companionship.”

Swett has created a series of interrelated sculptures and drawings, some painted directly on the wall. The works find a resonant home in Boston Sculptors’ back gallery, which, with its cast iron columns, massive wooden

Marilu Swett at Boston Sculptorsbeams, and mysterious hatchways, adds antiquarian humor to the installation.

At Boston Sculptors until December 14:


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