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Eleanor Antin’s cast of characters

Eleanor AntinShape-shifter Eleanor Antin‘s work is featured at the ICA, Boston until July 6. The exhibit, “Multiple Occupancy,” encompasses Antin’s photographs and video as well as installations of her paper dolls. She manipulates these dolls–some life-size, others in normal “toy” scale– in ways that are subversive and deeply funny. Pictured is a tableaux, “Field Operation,” from the larger series Angel of Mercy, in which Antin assumes the role of a Florence-Nightingale-like 19th century nurse. Antin’s character muses: “If one soldier is killed, he merely dies, but if I heal him he returns to kill at least one other before perhaps dying himself. So I am not a healer but a double killer.” Produced just after the end of the Vietnam War, Antin’s piece is jarringly relevant today.

Eugenie, 1864

FigureheadA figurehead in the collection of the Pilgrim Monument Museum, Provincetown, MA. All dressed up and ready to go to sea, this anonymous, life-size carving broke the waves on the clipper ship Eugenie out of Provincetown Harbor, circa 1864.

She’s dressed in the height of fashion, and her features seem more specific than generic–leading me to wonder who the model was–and who was the sculptor.

Serendipitous Sphinx

SphinxMy sphinx (I like to say she’s life-size–meaning, about the size of a small leopard) has taken up residence in the window of Bruce Davidson’s Serendipity Cafe in downtown Maynard, at the corner of Main and Nason Streets. Pay her a visit–but keep the chocolate crepes all to yourself!

Nara Park sculpture browns nicely

Final PatinaMy Nara Park sculpture collaboration with Joyce Audy Zarins is developing its final, brown patina. The park has thawed out, and the piece stands once again in a small catch basin pond, turning gently in the wind. The Acton-Boxboro Cultural Council will hold an unveiling on June 1st, at which time the piece’s title will be announced. The A-BCC will hold a naming contest among local schoolchildren. I’ll post more details as I know them!

I missed Zaha Hadid’s extra-dangerous egg…

NYC egg huntbut saw many more scattered throughout Rockefeller Plaza. Eggs decorated by artists and designers from around the world are here, and other selected NY locations, until April 25th. Sponsored by Fabergé, proceeds from the eggs’ auction will benefit elephant conservation (Elephant Family) and an art-in-the-schools program (Studio in a School), two causes dear to my heart. If only I could afford one….or a dozen.

Check out Zaha Hadid’s egg and others:


Allison Schulnik

Allison Shulnik“Odd” doesn’t begin to capture the experience of watching Allison Schulnik’s claymations. Sculpted creatures, including tiptoeing flowers and other, less recognizable, apparations, cavort in films about life, the universe, and everything. Now at the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford through May 4, or online. Pictured: stills from Eager, 2014.