Janet Kawada at St Botolph

"Peek" felt, photograph, screening, by Janet Kawada “Why string? Why wrapping? What is it that draws me to this? Having time on your hands with nothing to do. How often do we hear that phrase? What does it mean? Can we contemplate without feeling that we are empty?”
– Janet Kawada

Fiber sculptor Janet Kawada has a new show at Boston’s St. Botolph Club conservatory. Her approach to fabric construction is layered, repetitive, and represents a particular moment in time with an accretion of kaleidoscopic textures that becomes a documentation of consciousness. A professor at Mass. College of Art, Ms. Kawada was a longtime member and past director of Boston’s Kingston Gallery.

The St. Botolph Club was founded in 1880 and named after the seventh-century English abbot whose monastery was in the fens of East Anglia Botolph’s Town (later corrupted to Boston). Early members included John Singer Sargent,  Daniel Chester French, and architect H.H. Richardson.
199 Commonwealth Avenue, at the statue of Samuel Eliot Morison, through April 15th.
Photograph: “Peek,” wool, fibers, photograph, screening.


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