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Snow, Ice and Fire

Internationally renown ice, snow, sand, and fire sculptor Patricia Leguen has spent 22 hours carving her newest snow sculpture in northern Saskatchewan. Recently returned from the international ice and snow festival in Harbin, China, Patricia continues her work constructing ephemeral sculpture in materials offered by nature and the seasons. Based in Saskatoon, Patricia travels the world in search of new materials and bigger challenges. She enjoys creating pieces that will last only a few days, or even hours. Leguen says that, as soon as one piece is finished, she is already thinking of the next one.
Photo: Patricia with “Snow Angel” at the 48th Prince Albert Winter Festival, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Read more about Patricia on her website:


Double Portrait

I fell in love with double  portraits when I became aware of Marisol Escobar‘s work in the 1960s. This is my tribute to her, “Marcelle and Minty,” life size figures in hydrocal and waxes. Right now I am experimenting with elaborate pedestals, like this one, made of cloth and latex over wood and foam.

image copyright © Teresa Coates 2012