Monthly Archives: November 2011

Raku with Eleonora Lecei

I recently met with two members of my sculpture group, Joyce Audy Zarins and Eleonora Lecei, at Eleonora’s house and studio for a day of outdoor raku.

We glazed our bisqueware and heated it in Eleonora’s smaller electric kiln, which she’d placed outdoors. When the glaze was molten, we fished the pieces out with long metal tongs and deposited them in a steel drum that had been filled with a mixture of shredded newspaper and sawdust. Once the sawdust caught on fire, the chamber was covered and left to smoke like a captive dragon. Eventually, we pulled the finished pieces out again and sprayed them with water until they cooled.

I used a combination of colors including copper metallic glazes on this head. The result is a finish like tarnished silver that still shows the red earthenware underneath.