Visiting the Ann Norton Studio and Sculpture Garden

Born in Alabama, Ann Vaughn Weaver drew from the time she was 5 years old and received her first sculpting tool at age 8.  Ann attended Smith College and subsequently moved to New York to study at the National Academy of Design, Arts Student League of New York and Cooper Union. The artist’s studio contains works in bronze, stone and wood, encompassing over 4 decades of sculpture. Her “Gateway” series in northern cedar is abstract yet warm, inviting and powerful.  Norton’s work encompasses several styles and periods, from the abstract Gateway series to large figurative works in brick and stone.

In 1977 Ann Weaver Norton had the foresight to establish a foundation: Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, Inc. Ann sought to preserve the historically significant art studio, the sculpture gardens and the architecture that comprise this unique national and local treasure. Ann lived and worked at 253 Barcelona Road, West Palm Beach for 34 years until the time of her death in 1982.

The Gardens is now open to the public and is operated as a private foundation incorporating the arts, environmental awareness, and interpretive history of Ann Weaver Norton.

Above: Anne Weaver in her studio in the 1950s. Photo and content courtesy the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden and website, 2011.


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