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Marion Walton, Alice Bateman and others in Italy

Texas sculptor Alice Bateman ( sends this photo of Marion Walton and others taken at the sculpture studio at Henraux in Querceta, Italy, in 1973.
In the photo, standing left to right: Carlino (polisher) Li (sculptor) Sauro (carver) Primo (carver) Cardini (head carver), Alice M. Bateman (sculptor) Marion Walton (with dark glasses) and Maria Papa (sculptor). Seated: Enrique (sculptor)
and Jeannie (sculptor).
Alice relates: “What wonderful memories of this special time! When the carvers finished a major commission (Moore, Noguchi, M. Marini, and others) they would celebrate with a glass of wine at the studio! Marion was a dear friend of Maria Papa (Rostkowska) who was married to Gualtieri Papa di San Lazzaro, and lived in Paris. My understanding is that they were friends from way back when Marion lived in Paris. Maria’s husband published the art magazine, XXeme Siecle and had the gallery with the same name.”

Photo courtesy Alice Bateman.