Dorothea Greenbaum

Dorothea Schwarcz Greenbaum, 1893-1986, began her career as a painter at the Arts Students League in New York, and later worked primarily as a sculptor in bronze and marble. She was politically active, campaigning against fascism and working to improve the lives and rights of artists, especially during the McCarthy era. Greenbaum was a member of the Sculptors Guild, then an avant-garde group, and was a founder of Artists Equity. Critics often describe Greenbaum’s sculpture with the phrase “love of humanity.” Greenbaum’s  work is moving because each subject (even a tapir or a fish) possesses individual details of form that call the viewer into an intimate space of physicality.

Pictured: ” Young girl with bird,” bronze, 1965 (65″ )


2 responses to “Dorothea Greenbaum

  1. Dorothea “Dotsy” Greenbaum was a dear friend, guide and inspiration!

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