Joyce Audy Zarins

JoyceI had the pleasure of visiting Joyce Audy Zarins in her Merrimac studio this weekend. An adjunct art professor at Middlesex Community College, and longtime participant in the Maudslay Outdoor Sculpture exhibit in Newburyport, Joyce is a consummate craftsman who works primarily in metal, welding her own large-scale, outdoor sculptures.

I asked Joyce to comment on the giant maple keys shown with her in the studio, and she replied: “The title of the big maple seeds is Potential 3×3 (as in Potential cubed times three). The thought was, like Claes Oldenburg, to make a mundane object enormous to affect its meaning. … Theoretically, that first seed has the power to generate a forest. So, it’s also about exponential growth. Then … they are kinetic, responding to the slightest breeze. When they are installed on a lawn the support is not visible, so it is always a surprise to people when they move.”

On Maudslay: “I have had pieces in nine of the eleven (Maudslay) shows. The first two years that the core group exhibited together, the show was at Old Town Hill in Newbury, at Trustees of Reservations property. … Then [the show] went to Maudslay and has been there ever since. …This has always been a group effort and jobs rotate–I’ve done just about all at one time or another. The show and the catalogues are gifts to the public.”

Pictured below is Joyce’s “The Whistler”, painted steel, on view at the Maudslay Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit, Newburyport, Mass., until October 4th.



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