Daisy Youngblood

DY_BUDHI_clayDaisy Youngblood (b. 1945) grew up in North Carolina and currently lives in New Mexico. She was a 2003 MacArthur  “genius grant” recipient.

Youngblood’s most well-known sculptures are the heads and torsos of people and animals, in low fire clay, occasionally incorporating found objects (sticks, teeth, hair). Some of the heads are representational portraits, and her sculptures of animals convey resounding intelligence.

Youngblood cites Jung and Buddhism as important theoretical influences, and has expressed interest in “correlating worldwide religions and esoteric practices with the individual psyche.”

When living in New York, Youngblood would make journeys to Jones Beach to dig native clay. She often pit-fires her unique (one of a kind) sculptures, resulting in charred surfaces. Her work is almost always unglazed, allowing the raw modeling and marks of her hands to reveal the subject.

Pictured: “Budhi”, clay


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