Meta Warrick Fuller

Meta_Warrick_Fuller_008-smAn African-American sculptor whose works can be seen in Framingham’s Danforth Museum,  Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller was born in Philadelphia and trained at the Philadelphia Museum School of the Industrial Arts. Upon graduation in 1899, she moved to France, where she studied under  Rodin, until her return to the United States in 1902. Seven years later, she married Dr. Solomon Fuller, a resident of Framingham, Mass. and  the first psychiatrist of African descent to practice in the United States. She gave birth to three sons in quick succession, yet continued sculpting practically without interruption.

Meta Warrick Fuller is often described as a member of the Harlem Renaissance, and is best known for her groundbreaking depictions of the African and African-American experience. According to University of Maryland Professor Renee Ater, Fuller’s work is about “religion and nature, [and] art and nation.” The Danforth Museum’s collection of works by the artist is believed to be one of the largest in existence.
Jason, n.d.
painted plaster
Collection Danforth Museum of Art

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